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Luggage Bag Tag Australian Rules



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Durable vinyl luggage loops that wont come off during travel. An affordable gift item for family and friends. Designed and made in Australia Pack contents: 2 x BagTags, to personalise and identify your luggage. 2 x to assist in locating luggage. 2 x Durable vinyl luggage loops, that won't come off during travel. myBagTag 113mm x 50mm polypropylene luggage tag Printed in full colour on the outside, with an ink-friendly white address panel on the inside. Additional panel for multiple location addresses.  Lost Luggage Card: Is a credit card sized reference tool which is carried in your travel wallet. An image of your selected myBagTag design is printed in full colour on the front of the Lost Luggage Card, which can be shown to baggage handlers to assist in the quick recovery of your lost luggage, particularly if there are language barriers. The panel on the back of the Lost Luggage Card can be completed with your contact details and details of the lost luggage, and left with baggage handlers if necessary. Every effort has been made to accurately represent the colour of the item, but it may vary according to your monitor settings. Payment Shipping Returns Terms All Payments Should be made within 7 days of Purchase. If your are Paying by Paypal and are using a bank account with NO credit card backup, Paypal will send this through  as an E-Cheque. This will take 5-7 days to clear. We do have Direct Deposit and it is faster than Paypal E-Cheque. We bank with ANZ for Australia Wide convenience. If you are having problems paying within this time, please contact me. International buyers paypal or paymatet only. Payment Shipping Returns Terms Postage inquiries are most welcome and we aim to combine postage. Items will be shipped by Air Mail 24-48 hours after payment is confirmed. Registered is available to all Australian Customers. Some items will be posted by courier as it works out cheaper than Australia Post.  Novelty plates and Sign will only be shipped with courier.   Registered post is also available outside Australia. For overseas postage please allow 2 to 4 weeks (and up to 7 weeks). If you are purchasing a particularly expensive item and we do recommend Insurance for peace of mind. Please check the  import regulations and appropriate duties taxes and any other fees that are applicable in your state and country.  Customs costs are paid by the buyer.  Payment Shipping Returns Terms If for any reason your are dissatisfied with your item, you can send it back in a saleable condition (as long as you pay for the shipping) for a full refund on the price of the item within 14 days. Payment Shipping Returns Terms Great care has been taken to describe each item with accuracy and honesty. Should an item not meet your expectations, please contact me so that a resolution can be reached. There are no issues that cant be resolved with open communication. var shown = document.getElementById('kdwhdTAB1'); function show(id) { if (shown) = 'none'; shown = document.getElementById(id); = 'block'; return false; }         Copyright 2012 Gorgeous Groovy Gifts . 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